Dec 21,2022

I often hear people say, "If you wash your face with soap, you must rinse the soap to avoid the soap remaining on the skin." Indeed, as long as the soap remains on the skin, the skin will be alkaline, but gradually rough. Since the skin is weakly acidic, washing your face with soap will effectively remove the stains from the skin. After washing, the alkalinity will be neutralized, which will make your skin more clean. From this we can see that as long as you use the correct method, it is good to wash your face with soap.

To know if soap is good for washing, let us first take a look at the active ingredients of soap. From its nature, soap can be divided into weakly alkaline soaps and weakly acidic soaps. Its main component is sodium fatty acid. Soap is basically made of oil and saponification. It has no toxic side effects on our body and is easily degraded by the environment. Therefore, soap can be said to be a "natural" green product.

The benefits of soap washing - softening keratin

Soap wash has the benefits of softening keratin. You don't have to worry about the alkaline soap will hurt your skin. Even normal skin with a slightly alkaline soap can keep your skin shiny. Hot springs that often weaken alkaline, the hot spring water will slowly soften the cuticle, which will make the skin shine.

The benefits of soap wash - clean up dirt, anti-oxidation

Due to the constant changes in the weather, especially in the hot summer, the dead skin cells, oil, dust and other acidic dirt on the skin are very likely to clog the pores. However, the cleansing ability of the soap wash is not achievable by general facial cleanser. But it’s worth noting that if you are allergic skin, then

We know the benefits of soap wash, the following small series will share the correct method of soap wash, I hope to help you.

1. Moisten the face with warm water, put the soap into the palm of your hand and pour out the foam before applying it to the face;

2, The chin from the inside out, this can quickly open the pores;

3, The face clip from the inside to the outside, this will help thoroughly clean the dirt inside the pores, and make the facial muscles not slack;

4, The mouth part from the inside out, this can effectively reduce the expression lines;

5. The forehead is from the inside to the outside, which can help us to raise the headline we often say;

6, The nose from the top down, insist on doing so will not form a nose;

7. Finally, clean the face with clean water. Washing your face for a long time will make your face skin more delicate and smooth.

You should use weak acid soap. Because the skin's resistance is weak, it can't rely on its own strength to return to weak acidity, so using weak acid soap is the best choice for allergic skin. Normal skin is not necessary for use.

Customer reviews about face wash soap bar


This facial bar soap is great! It smells amazing, the lavender is very relaxing. It feels great on your skin too, doesn't make my face feel dry at all! The only reason I took off a star is that this is supposed to be a facial bar soap but the bar itself is "body" sized. I would have liked to maybe have had 2 smaller bars (essentially the large bar cut in half) in the package, but overall I'd highly recommend!


Either my skin is way more sensitive than I previously thought it was, or this stuff is super harsh. I came to work today and my husband asked if I had a sunburn. It hurts. And I typically don’t have issues with face washes. So... I didn’t want to do one star in case it is just me, but also definitely not a 5 star experience?


I never buy soap bars, they almost always dry out my skin and feel terrible but I am trying to cut out as much unnecessary plastic as I can so I figured I would give it a try and I am so happy I did! The smell is amazing (love the smell!!!) And it works so much better than the original face wash I have been using for years. It keeps my face moisturized and it has kept my skin clearer as well. Best beauty change I've made in a while!

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