Apr 26,2023

handmade soap is a natural alternative to commercial soap, as it is free from harsh chemicals and made from natural ingredients. If you're interested in making your own handmade soap, here are some important steps to follow and precautions to keep in mind.

Production Process

  1. Choose your ingredients: The first step in making handmade soap is to choose your ingredients. This includes plant-based oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil, as well as essential oils for fragrance and other natural additives like honey, oatmeal, or herbs.

  2. Prepare your equipment: You will need a few key tools to make handmade soap, including a stainless steel pot, a digital scale, a stick blender, a thermometer, and a mold.

  3. Measure your ingredients: Using a digital scale, weigh out the oils and other ingredients according to the recipe you are following.

  4. Heat the oils: In a stainless steel pot, heat the oils over low heat until they are melted and combined.

  5. Mix the lye: In a separate container, mix the lye with water according to the recipe's instructions. Be sure to wear gloves and goggles when working with lye, as it can be dangerous.

  6. Add the lye to the oils: Slowly pour the lye mixture into the melted oils, stirring continuously with a stick blender.

  7. Add essential oils and other additives: Once the soap has reached trace (when the mixture is thick enough to leave a trail when stirred), add essential oils and any other natural additives you'd like to include.

  8. Pour the soap into the mold: Pour the soap mixture into the mold and let it set for 24-48 hours.

  9. Cut and cure the soap: Once the soap has set, remove it from the mold and cut it into bars. Let the bars cure for at least four weeks before using them.


  1. Work in a well-ventilated area: When working with lye, it is important to work in a well-ventilated area, as the fumes can be harmful if inhaled.

  2. Wear protective gear: Wear gloves, goggles, and protective clothing when working with lye and other ingredients to protect your skin and eyes.

  3. Follow recipes carefully: Follow recipes carefully and measure ingredients precisely to ensure the soap turns out correctly and safely.

  4. Be patient: Curing soap takes time, so be patient and allow the soap to cure for at least four weeks before using it.

Why Choose Organic, Handmade Soap?

The word ‘soap’ is used to take in all manner of skin cleansers, solid, liquid or even powder, and within each of these categories there are various colours, scents, shapes, packaging, and claims surrounding them.
Some soaps deodorise, others are antimicrobial, antiaging moisturising and more. Soap is something that almost every person uses, several times a day in most cases, and is one of the primary tools in preventing transmission of some bacterial and viral diseases.
But not all soaps are equal in potency or efficacy, and not every soap is good for your skin.
There are two basic types of soap:
Handmade, ‘natural’ soaps
Commercially made soaps
Commercially made soaps are usually considerably cheaper than handmade soaps, but there may be a good reason why this is the case.
Let’s explore the world of natural soap and see if the benefits it offers are worth the added cost.
Modern science has proven what was already assumed through common sense: toxins from our environment are, in large part, absorbed through our skin.
As the largest organ in the human body, and the one most in contact with the outside world, what we put in contact with our skin should be a major concern for us.
Soap, since it is purposely rubbed on our skin – all over our skin in fact – should be of primary concern when we consider this reality. Once we take due care in the water we drink and the food we eat, what we expose our skin to, should be the top priority when it comes to physical health.
One way to reduce exposure to potentially harmful toxins is to use an organic, natural soap.

Customer reviews about handmade soap

Love them ! I sent a set to my friend's Mom for her 97th birthday because she is in a care facility and can not have many items on her side of the room. I figured she could put them in her drawers with her clothes to make them smell good. I sent them through Amazon so I did not physically see them. I ordered a set for me to see what I sent. I love them and have made them my "Go-To-Gift" for my girlfriends who have everything. Perfect for travel too! They are amazing !!! Thank you. I love that they are made in Newport Beach. I live in Yorba Linda and come to Newport often as do all of my out of state guests which I have often. Thanks Keomi ! Constance Bonanni

Happy Customer
These are perfect for travel or gifts. Gentle on the skin, unlike hotel soap. Update 1-3-16 liked them so much I bought 2 and gave one to a friend, now wishing I had ordered yet another set for another bff. The fragrance is wonderful - each soap is a different fragrance but they are mild not overwhelming. I used them for guests, who raved about them and now they want them too.

Love the handmade soaps and plan to give as gifts. I only give the best scented products to my friends and family. Have been doing this for some time and they look forward to getting something from me. They will love these samplers. Recommed the product and the supplier. Would order from them again.

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