Dec 23,2022

It's rightly said that there's a deep sense of joy in cooking your own food and making your own products at home.  If your New Year resolution for 2022 is all about making the right choices, then you definitely need to make some changes in your beauty routine, starting with replacing mass-produced bathing bars with nourishing homemade soaps.  And before you even start thinking about how cumbersome a task it may be, let us tell you that it is unbelievably easy and once you try your hand at soap making at home, you will actually fall in love with it.

With a soap base, you don't need to start the process of soap making from scratch or have to deal with dangerous lye solution - metal hydroxide that needs to be handled very carefully. But ensure that you select good quality soap bases containing ingredients like rich coconut milk, shea butter or goat milk. You can also opt for flavoured soap bases such as aloe vera, honey, rose, activated charcoal, papaya and so on.

How to make homemade soap with soap base

1.Cut the soap base,take out the soap base,visually inspect the handmade soap,cut it with a knife in an appropriate place.

2.Heating melting soap bases,usually melted with water-proof or microwave heating.

3.Add additives

4,coloring,use color liquid to adjust color.If you want to make colorless or white soap,you do not need to add color liquid,this step can be omitted.

5.Scent,the taste of soap is usually produced with fragrance or essential oil.

6.Entering the mold,pour the color and taste of the color and taste into the mold.It is about eight or nine minutes,or the height you want.The mold must be washed and dried in advance.

7.Daling,soap can be removed after the soap is completely solidified.

8.Packaging and storage.After the preservation film is kept,it should be wrapped in a plastic wrap and stored in a cool and dry place.

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