Aug 16,2022
After reaching a certain age, both men and women start to worry about whether the amount of hair on top of their heads is still what it used to be. In fact, in addition to genetics, male baldness, stress and physical diseases, and the top of the most related to scalp cleaning or scalp cleaning, if the scalp cleaning is done well, maintain the normal growth of hair follicles, hair will naturally healthy and strong.

Usually the scalp occurs in the following circumstances, you should be alert and observe whether it is the precursor of hair loss:
1. The scalp becomes greasy. Greasy scalp may be the case of lipid leakage dermatitis, which is usually accompanied by inflammation and itching.
2. Increased dandruff, dandruff is the cutin produced in scalp metabolism, healthy scalp will also have dandruff, but very small is not easy to be found by the naked eye. Once dandruff becomes lumpy or a large number of occurrence, it is a symptom of hair follicle inflammation, and heavy oil and salt eating habits, abnormal work and rest (stay up late) or the proliferation of dander spores, will cause scalp sensitive, fragile and the formation of hair loss.
3. The daily hair loss is more than 100, and the normal hair loss is usually 50-100. If the hair loss is more than 100 and lasts for more than a week, it is abnormal. It is recommended to consult a dermatologist and find the correct reason for hair loss.
(the detection value of hair loss can be calculated as follows: when you wake up in the morning, observe the hair loss on the pillow. If the number of hair loss is 20 x3, then the number is 60, and the hair loss amount of a day can be estimated. However, the number of hair lost will be affected by whether there is shampoo the day before, so it is suggested that the observation period is more than a week, and the average value will be more accurate.
4 scalp redness, acne, at this time the scalp is sensitive, fragile, and even easy to itch and pain, which is the inflammation of hair follicles. One of the reasons lead to hair loss, eliminate the problems, such as heredity, diseases and pressure can improve the most direct way, scalp is to thoroughly clean scalp, oily and sensitive scalp, it is recommended to use do not contain silicone oil and crisp shampoo or soap to wash hair, silicone oil to wash hair after hair appears smooth feel, but relatively also blocked hair follicles, So many people after washing their hair, will still feel the scalp stuffy or not clean feeling. This means that the shampoo used and the method is not correct, resulting in the scalp is not clean.

Scalp is clean, can do a simple test, use a clean finger point to an abdomen after touch after washing and dry scalp, and watch the stomach have grease and oil smell, clean the oil won't have taste and greasy feeling, the scalp and hair root is fluffy and can have a relaxed feeling, the opposite is the reaction of the scalp is blocked.

Natural manual soap can be used for scalp care formula, the ingredients are pure plant oil, no silicone oil added, specially selected to regulate the scalp grease material, can remove the excess scalp oil, the scalp is fresh after washing, not greasy, can keep clean longer.

The bubbles of natural manual shampoo soap are dense, meticulous and thick. In addition to the refreshing feeling after washing and the fluffy feeling of hair, the advantages of good washing will not cause the obstruction of hair follicles.

Soap to wash hair in the wash hair with shampoo on the application of different, in order to avoid when flush residual soap scum, need before washing the hair, the hair on the bubble of erase as much as possible, because the foam easily combined with the calcium ion in the water on the hair, can cause the hair to wash the feeling of not adapt, so need to do more before washing hair a program.

Scalp after clean, must use hair dryer dry scalp, because of the humid condition, the dander of scalp spore bacteria increased, the number of will cause the oil out and produce more of the dander, after dry scalp can fluffy hair root, let a hair to increase volume, so to maintain scalp health, also should focus on clean after dry scalp can completely solve the scalp.

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